Our Technology Advantage

Technology Is at the Heart of Mooney Wieland

Mooney Wieland is changing the practice of law by making technology the center of our business. We have partnered with companies in the legal tech sector to make ourselves both more efficient and more effective, capable of taking on even the strongest opponents.

  • Cicayda
  • Fermata Legal Hold
  • Docket Alarm


Gathering Documents for Production

Identifying and gathering documents, including especially electronic information, is one of the most difficult and burdensome parts of litigation. We work closely with Cicayda and other vendors to help our clients manage the collection process painlessly and remotely in a manner that ensures legal requirements for investigation have been met. We can also work with other vendors on the ground to economically collect and scan older hardcopy materials as well.

Storing and Reviewing Discovery in the Cloud

Our partnership with Cicayda also gives us abilities to store and manage discovery materials in the cloud, a capability that sets us apart from even the largest commercial law firms. The browser-based system allows not just our attorneys but also our clients to review materials and conduct full-text searches from anywhere there is an internet connection. Moreover, we can run AI analytics to identify connections in the data, such as communication webs and event chronologies, that big firms and their armies of untrained lawyers might otherwise miss.

Document Production

Because our cloud-based document review system works in real time, categorizing materials for production or withholding is also a snap. Even the largest production sets can be completed accurately and instantaneously.

Document Production with Cicayda

Litigation Holds

Locating and Preserving Documents for Litigation Holds

Especially in larger organizations, managing a preservation plan can be difficult. We partner with Fermata to identify and notify document custodians and issue holds to preserve materials. The system also tracks hold acceptances to produce a legally defensible legal hold without the hassle.

Fermata legal hold

Trademark and Service Mark Proceedings

Trademark Registration and Opposition Proceedings

We use Docket Alarm to track potential trademark infringers on the U.S. Patent and Trademark’s TTAB system to help our clients defend their marks against adverse registrations. We also use Docket Alarm to analyze thousands of TTAB decisions to more accurately predict the likely outcome of any opposition or cancellation proceedings.

Docket Alarm

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