Intellectual Property

Protecting Your Brand


Intellectual property (IP) is one of the most valuable assets of your business, especially for businesses looking to sell or license their IP portfolios. Mooney Wieland attorneys have expertise in copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, and more.



Trademarks are names, logos, slogans, packaging, and other symbols or devices that businesses use to distinguish their products or services from competitors. A strong trademark or service mark can be a priceless tool for assuring customers and clients that they are purchasing what you are selling and for maintaining your reputation. Mooney Wieland can help you with all trademark related issues, including:

  • Trademark Registration. We represent businesses in registering trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, including overcoming substantive examiner office actions.
  • Trademark Clearance.We can help screen trademark ideas before you launch a new product or service to ensure that your mark will be strong and capable of being registered.
  • Trademark Agreements.With our help, businesses can avoid litigation and other conflicts by negotiating licenses, coexistence, and concurrent-use agreements with others using the same or similar trademarks and service marks.



We can assist clients in defending your copyrights and in working with copyright owners to avoid legal issues, including:

  • Copyright Registration. All businesses generating creative works, including written copy, media, and software, should institute a routine copyright registration protocols. Registration ensures potential infringers are on notice of our clients’ rights and ensures the availability of attorney fees in the event of litigation.
  • Copyright Agreements. Many companies generate significant revenue selling or purchasing the right to use copyrighted material.

Other Forms of IP


Mooney Wieland can also assist in protecting and avoiding infringement of other kinds of intellectual property.

  • Trade Secrets. State law protects the data, documents, processes, customer lists, and other information relating to a business that is valuable because it is not generally known to others outside the business.
  • Right of Publicity. The law generally protects individuals from having their name or likeness associated with someone else. This most often occurs when a business uses a person’s image or identity to advertise its products or services.

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